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What We Do

We help people move from vulnerability to stability, from poverty to economic and social resilience, and from isolation to active participation in their community through:


We help families, youth and communities build capacity and realize their potential.


We undertake research that informs practice and helps build stronger, more engaged people and communities.

Catalyze Change

We create the conditions for individuals, families and communities to make the changes necessary to not only survive, but thrive.

How We Work

We walk alongside adults, youth and families on their journey to overcoming adversity and building a better future. We do this by:

  • Recognizing each individual’s strengths, abilities and vulnerabilities.
  • Working collaboratively to identify resources and navigate complex systems.
  • Building capacity, community connections and natural supports.
  • Tracking progress, fostering accountability and celebrating success.

In doing this work, we break barriers and break cycles, building stronger, more engaged individuals, families and communities.


To make the greatest possible impact in our community and beyond, Aspen’s current programs and research focus on three strategic areas:


Healthy families form the backbone of healthy communities. If parents can’t provide the essentials of life, it impacts partners, children, grandchildren and future generations. A family divided or fractured by life's challenges needs support, resources and skills to change patterns, improve their living environment, build parenting capacity, and form stronger, positive relationships.

At Aspen, our family programs deal with a wide range of challenges—from housing and food insecurity to financial literacy and access to resources—addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing well-being. This gives families an opportunity to build the skills and supports needed to move through life successfully.


While children and youth are the most vulnerable to social problems, they are also the key to solving them.

Alberta Human Services says that approximately 20 per cent of children will face at-risk circumstances at some point in their lives—circumstances such as parental low income, low education, poor health, social isolation or lack of support networks. Thankfully, with the right supports, children can break the cycles that put their families at risk in the first place.

At Aspen, we support youth in breaking unhealthy patterns, setting goals and building the natural supports needed to live strong, resilient lives as contributing members of society. Our youth programs instil hope, build confidence and assist young people in accomplishing the goals and changes they wish to see in their lives. Because strong futures begin with healthy childhoods.


No one can thrive in isolation. For change to be sustainable, people need a community to go to for help, to provide connections, and to offer opportunities to give back in ways that are meaningful and add purpose to life.

At Aspen, we work closely with other agencies, organizations and government to ensure people have access to the supports and resources they need, all while building vibrant, thriving, supportive communities.