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Ashley's Story

At age 14, difficulties at home led Ashley to run away. She couch surfed, spent time in foster care and was homeless for a few weeks. At 17, she enrolled in Aspen’s Youth Transitions to Adulthood program.

Lise's Story

For eight years, Lise and her young grandson were caught in a transient lifestyle, forced to live in shoddy, unsafe rentals. By 2014, their unit was condemned and they were homeless for 86 days. They relied on a tent and a family homeless s...

Jake's Story

When Jake was 14, his parents divorced. This pushed his already strained relationship with his parents past its breaking point. With no other options, Jake left home and began living with a few roommates in a rundown basement suite. He work...

Tara's Story

Before coming to Aspen, Tara* was struggling to keep stable housing for her family and was in arrears with her landlord and utility companies, overdue on her bills and overwhelmed by debt.

Debbie's Story

Debbie joined the Community Connections program in the hopes of finding affordable housing and stable employment. Plagued by arthritis and other mobility issues as well as anxiety and depression, she was also looking to improve her health.