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How We Help

From helping community members find and maintain stable housing to keeping children and families safe, we create the conditions for people to make the positive, lasting changes they wish to see in their lives, families and communities.

We all want to build better lives for ourselves and our families … but the process isn’t an easy one. Faced with many complex, interconnected challenges and made even more difficult thanks to economic pressures and uncertainties, the struggle can feel overwhelming. This is where Aspen comes in.

While we know the journey isn’t easy, we also know that with support and accountability, each of us can realize our potential and achieve our goals. That’s why we work together with individuals, families and community groups to identify needs and goals, and create plans to achieve lasting change.

In doing this work, we are helping find innovative solutions to widespread issues affecting our communities. Solutions that help create stronger, healthier, more connected individuals, families and neighbourhoods.

Learn more about the programs available to families, youth and community members in Calgary and surrounding area.

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Who We Help

Each year, we provide one-on-one support to over 3,500 Calgarians and connect an additional 70,000 people to supports in the community.

Our collaborative programs meet the unique and diverse needs of people in our community, including:

  • Families facing poverty
  • Families in crisis
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • New immigrants
  • Foster families
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Children and youth

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