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Youth Matters

“It’s the first time I’ve ever had a plan for my life.” - DJ

Offering group programming and individual support, the Youth Matters program is designed to help youth and young adults make smart, informed decisions about relationships, school, employment, housing, and other important life choices.

Programming includes a variety of sports, arts and other organized activities, as well as opportunities for youth to connect with each other and members of the Aspen team, building supportive relationships and learning about resources available in the community.

Programming takes place in schools and community spaces around the city, as well as in the program’s Headspace Bus.

Who It's For:

Youth aged 13 to 21 years old living in Calgary or attending school or programs in Calgary, as well as youth referred through other Aspen programs.

How to Access:

Referrals are accepted from individuals, families, schools, community groups, service providers and probation officers.

To learn more, please contact Ketzia Shapira at, or 403-990-1481.