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Community Connections

Community Connections is a prevention and early intervention program designed to build stronger individuals, families and communities. Offering one-on-one support to community members as well as support to community groups and service providers, this strengths-based program connects people with the resources and tools needed to address needs and affect positive change.

How It Works

After needs and strengths are assessed and goals are identified, families and individuals are connected with food programs, clothing exchanges, programs for children, money management classes and other resources and supports to achieve their goals. Where resources do not exist, Aspen’s Community Development team works with resident groups and community organizations to create these supports. From there, we help engage, support and mobilize community members at an individual, familial and community level.

One-on-One Support for Individuals and Families

Support to individuals or families is provided on a weekly or biweekly basis over the phone, in the client’s home, or at a location in the community. Our trained support team is there to listen, assist with goal identification and planning, share information and resources, and help ensure basic needs are met.

Support for Community Groups

Our trained Community Development team works with community groups to build community resources and relationships, supporting groups in organizing and facilitating projects and events, and ensuring all members feel heard.

Who It's For:

Individuals and families who have long term goals they are motivated to work towards to ensure their basic needs are met (i.e. housing, appealing AISH or Alberta Works decisions, systems navigation, etc.). Community groups seeking support in meeting a community need or organizing a community project or event.

How to Access:

Individuals and families can access the program through a community resource referral or through self-referral. Support is also available to community groups in neighbourhoods where a Community Development Worker has been assigned.

For more information, please contact Shama Musani at or 403-612-5079.