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Home-Stay Prevention

Aspen’s Home-Stay Prevention (HSP) program offers immediate short-term assistance to families on the verge of homelessness, including those facing eviction because of overdue rental or utility bills, or those living in unsafe or overcrowded housing.

Working in collaboration with community hubs, resource centres and other organizations supporting vulnerable families, HSP helps prevent homelessness by assisting families in securing or maintaining stable housing and building a plan to increase self-sufficiency. Once housing is found, the program works with families to ensure they know their tenancy rights and responsibilities so that they can be successful in maintaining housing.

In addition to working with families, HSP staff also provide much-needed education in the community on housing supports and homelessness prevention.


Developed by Aspen in partnership with Children's Cottage Society, the Helping Families Stay Housed Toolkit is a resource used by support staff at organization's across the region to assist families in building a plan to stay housed.

Download the Toolkit

Who It's For:

Families with minor children or dependants living at home who are at imminent risk of homelessness. For example, families with eviction or disconnection notices, families who are couchsurfing, and/or families who have a rent report or lease for a safe, sustainable home.

How to Access:

Families can access HSP through community referrals or self-referral. All families must complete a screening process and meet program criteria.

For more information, please contact 403-219-3477 ext. 177.