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Tara's Story

Before coming to Aspen, Tara* was struggling to keep stable housing for her family and was in arrears with her landlord and utility companies, overdue on her bills and overwhelmed by debt.

Over her first few weeks at Aspen, our team helped Tara find an affordable and stable apartment for her family and assisted her in covering the cost of her debts.

Once Tara’s immediate financial and physical needs were met, she was finally able to concentrate on enhancing her professional skills and complete her GED. With Aspen’s support, Tara applied to Bow Valley College. She also maintains regular payments toward her utilities and makes sure her bills are always paid on time.

When Tara decided she wanted to attend counselling to help her overcome the emotional scars left by her abusive ex-partner, Aspen was there to help. Her support worker found several options for counselling that are subsidized to fit her current budget.

Feeling supported and with barriers removed, Tara was able to improve and strengthen multiple areas of her life and work toward stability, health and sustainability.

*Name has been changed for confidentiality