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Joanna's Story

Joanna is an admirable young woman who has recently graduated from Aspen’s Sustainable Families Program. Joanna has been working with Aspen for a just over two years and in her time with the Sustainable Families Program, Aspen supported Joanna out of homelessness, connected her with community resources and helped her to develop life skills as she worked towards goals that were important to her.

Rewind to about two and a half years ago, Joanna was homeless, living in a tent and battling with addiction. She was in an abusive relationship and wasn’t living the life she knew she was capable of. After months of living on the streets, struggling with addiction and trying to leave the relationship, Joanna decided to start treatment for her addictions and find a safe place to live.

Although Joanna was now sober she didn’t have a place to call home. She was fearful that homelessness would force her to return to her previous unsafe situation to survive. It was at that point, while pregnant with her youngest daughter, that she got connected to Aspen. Joanna started in the Sustainable Families Program with big dreams of going back to school, reconnecting with her Indigenous culture and being the best mom for her daughters.

Today, Joanna is attending school at Bow Valley College so that one day she can become a nurse. She has a safe home with her beautiful daughter and is proud of the stable life she has created for herself and her family. Aspen helped Joanna start on the path to fulfilling her dreams and she now has a new found confidence that those dreams are within reach.

The thing that I am most proud of so far is being a healthy mother and a positive role model to my daughters.

— Joanna