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Jaspreet's Story

In September of 2018, a resident by the name of Jaspreet came into 1000 Voices looking for support. Jaspreet shared that she had come to Canada with her family a few short months ago and was struggling in an unhealthy relationship with her husband. Her husband had evicted her from the house and she was now renting a basement on her own. Jaspreet didn’t have a job and she had no means to support her children. She shared with the 1000 Voices Welcoming Team that her husband was collecting all of their financial benefits and he was not sharing or supporting her in any way.

Jaspreet was struggling with language barriers as Punjabi was her primary language. The Welcoming Team at 1000 Voices was able to connect her with a Punjabi speaking settlement counselor. The settlement counselor was then able to connect with the Canada Revenue Agency on her behalf, to explain Jaspreet’s situation and request a transfer of the financial benefits into her name.

Jaspreet was then connected with Alberta Supports so that she could get set-up with income support in order to pay her rent. From there, the 1000 Voices Welcoming Team referred her to an employment counselor who helped Jaspreet create a resume and apply for jobs. She was encouraged to learn English and computer skills to support her in becoming more independent. Jaspreet participated in English and computer classes that are provided to residents at 1000 Voices free of charge. In a few short months, Jaspreet gained confidence in her English and started a part-time job, allowing her to balance her studies and take care of her kids.

Jaspreet is now a frequent visitor of 1000 Voices. She is still taking part in various programming for herself and for her children. She is grateful and appreciative of the welcoming atmosphere of the hub and the support received from the team.

*To preserve confidentiality, the names in this story have been changed.