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Jake's Story

When Jake was 14, his parents divorced. This pushed his already strained relationship with his parents past its breaking point. With no other options, Jake left home and began living with a few roommates in a rundown basement suite. He worked hard to pay his bills but was overcome by depression—only compounded by his involvement with street drugs.

Jake’s situation was dire. It seemed like there was no way out.

Then, shortly before his 15th birthday, Jake moved into one of Aspen’s community group homes. Over time, he worked through many of his struggles, actively pursuing counselling and learning the social and personal skills necessary to make lasting positive changes in his life.

With his newfound confidence and independence, Jake has now graduated from high school and is starting to mend his relationship with his parents. He was accepted at Mount Royal University and continues to stay in contact with Aspen.

Jake is proof that with support, young people can uncover their personal strengths and build bright and healthy futures.

*name changed for confidentiality.