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Debbie's Story

Debbie joined the Community Connections program in the hopes of finding affordable housing and stable employment. Plagued by arthritis and other mobility issues as well as anxiety and depression, she was also looking to improve her health.

With support from her outreach worker, Debbie worked on submitting job applications and preparing for interviews. The two developed Debbie’s skills and improved her confidence through mock interviews. They also worked on building her strengths to better cope with anxiety and stress.

With an initial financial boost from Aspen, Debbie secured a more affordable place to live. Soon after, she secured a job doing data entry. With a stable source of income and a home she could afford, Debbie felt uplifted.

She began connecting with her neighbours and community, offering support to people around her. Recently having suffered the loss of two dogs of her own, she was happy to be able to volunteer some of her time caring for one of her neighbour’s dogs. Her outreach worker says it’s been remarkable witnessing Debbie continue to make healthy choices for herself and empower the people around her.

Today, Debbie is happy with her living situation and assists other residents at her complex with completing job applications and practicing interview skills—just like she did with her outreach worker at Aspen. With her newfound confidence and a better support system, Debbie continues to work towards accomplishing even more of her goals.