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Swimming Across Gull Lake for Mental Health

Aspen has gained a courageous donor, Emily Seymour. This inspired young lady is a student at SAIT in the Business Administration program. She aims to go beyond this degree to become an Electrical Engineer Technician. With the support from her current employer, ENMAX, this career choice is definitely attainable! Support is a trait that Emily values dearly and her ultimate life mission is to become an active philanthropic individual in the community to help others realize their potential.

Emily will be swimming across Gull Lake, 2.8 km, with her fiancé Evan on August 5th. She has chosen to support Aspen Family and Community Network (Aspen) to raise awareness and funds for youth mental health supports. These supports do not only consist of counselling, but they include activities such as yoga, trampolining, soul cycle, etc. Emily understands that these activities are not always affordable, which is why she wants to donate to the Youth and Family Flexible Wellness Fund at Aspen.

Aspen is Emily’s charity of choice because several of the programs are focused on contributing to emotional stability in youth and children. Emily believes that mental health is an “important ingredient” to building and developing the foundational basic life skills. Having self-confidence helps people realize their fullest potential, and they generate it into creativity and effectiveness for not only themselves, but for the community.

In preparation for the August 5th swim, Emily and Evan have been going to the gym four to five times a week since March. A busy schedule makes training a bit of a challenge, however, even during 60-hour work weeks, they keep each other accountable and stay mindful of their purpose; to raise awareness and donations for youth mental health and alternative therapy opportunities. Emily and Evan empathize with others who live in challenging circumstances, and this has only further inspired them to work even harder to stand up for individuals who hope for a sense of community and connection.

In conjunction with her fundraising efforts, Emily intends to strike conversations about mental health through her Facebook page “SeyLove Swim”. Her goal with this page is to create a safe space for people to share and educate their stories to the public. The more the conversation is stimulated, the more people will de-stigmatize the issue and open their stories. Aspen is so honoured to have someone like Emily, and her fiancé Evan, sharing their time to support youth in our community.

Donate to SeyLove Swim

Having experienced mental health issues and being fortunate to have support, we would like to be able to give youth the confidence to live to their full potential, regardless of their external circumstances.

— Emily Seymour