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15 Unique Activities for Youth at Home

With families being home and practicing safe, physical distancing, Aspen's Youth Matters and Youth Works teams have created a list of 15 fun and unique activities for youth to try out.

Aspen's Youth Matters and Youth Works programs offer group programming and individual support, and are designed to help youth and young adults make smart, informed decisions about relationships, school, employment, housing, and other important life choices.

You can learn more about these programs here: Youth Matters & Youth Works.

Here is a list of 15 different activities to try during physical distancing:

1. Download a mindfulness app and practice guided meditation each day.

    2. Sign up to have a Grow Calgary Kids Gardening Kit Delivered - Free of Charge!

    This little unit is 50+ quality hours for your child from germination to harvest.
    Seeds, Soil, trays, domes. A small donation of $2 - $5 would be much appreciated to ensure the Grow Calgary Team can continue this initiative!

    Kid's Kit Application:

    3. Download Libby, an audio book app that you can use with your local library card with.

    4. Go through all the photos on your phone and make a photo book of your favourites to share with your friends! A couple good photo sharing apps are PhotoCircle or Cluster.

    5. Using the Splice app you can create movies from video clips you’ve taken.

    6. Turn an old piece of clothing into something new! Find 27 different examples at the link below!

    7. Make slime!
    Using a small bowl add some liquid glue, add food colouring, then stir in a little bit of liquid laundry detergent and stir, once the mixture starts to form a lump start kneading it with your hands. If it is not lumping add a little more detergent.
    Another recipe and instructions here:

    8. Study for your Learner’s License. You can even take practice tests online:

    9. Organize and redecorate your room. Head over to for some inspiration!

    10. Check out YAA, a blog written for Calgary youth by Calgary youth.
    Want to contribute?
    YAA accepts new bloggers year round. Link here:

    11. Using nail polish and bowl of water – marble paint rocks, or random small objects. Find the instructions linked here!

    12. Learn how to code! Free classes, websites and apps can be found a this link.
    You can also use Thunkable online on the app to design your very own app – youtube offers a variety of tutorial videos to help you get started!

      13. Visit TeenBookCloud; an online collection of eBooks, novels, graphic novels, videos and audio books through the Calgary Public Library (click on “Access TeenBookCloud” bottom of page).

      Log in using your Calgary Public Library card barcode # and pin #.
      If you do not already have one, you can get a library card online. Students can also log in using their educbe email address without the, and the password/pin # 1234567.

      14. Be a snow angel- help shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk!

      15. Make a Zine! Here is a guide to ideating, publishing, and distributing a DIY zine:

        Thank you to the Youth Matters & Youth Works teams for creating this list!

        — Parents Everywhere