Everyone has the capacity to rise above even the most difficult of circumstances — and to learn, to adapt and to grow.

At Aspen, we believe that sustainable change is only possible when individuals, families and communities take charge of their own decisions. Commitment to lasting change comes from personal buy-in, not direction from others, no matter how well meaning.

Aspen Family & Community Network partners with clients, program participants, funders, donors and community organizations to unlock potential and transform lives. Here, people discover their dreams, their goals and their unique talents, and receive meaningful, ongoing support to overcome challenges and create sustainable positive changes.

Aspen Family & Community Network is about People First, Community Always. See how partnering with us can make a difference for Calgary and area youth, families and community.

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People First, Community Always

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Aspen community breakfast and the 2016-19 strategic plan launch. We invite all of you to use People First, Community Always as a gateway to engage with Aspen. Find ways to connect, invest and participate. Tell us how we can work with you collaboratively to make a lasting difference in the world.

People First, Community Always

We need your help breaking the cycle of poverty