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Strathmore Therapeutic Access Room

Aspen is excited to be expanding our current facility in Strathmore which currently houses our Hand-in-Hand Parent Link Centre (PLC). Our new facility, known as Aspen Commons, is growing to meet an evolving need in the community. This exciting expansion includes a new Therapeutic Access room, which will be used as a teaching space for early childhood education.

Aspen's new Therapeutic Access space will offer many benefits. A major piece to highlight in the new space is a two-way mirror which will allow for observation into the room. This space will be thoughtfully furnished to replicate a safe and comfortable home-like environment.

What is Therapeutic Access?

Therapeutic Access is a 10 to 12 week program that assists parents with young children in foster care (ages 0 to 6) in developing and using sensitive parenting skills and nurturing secure parent-child relationships. Therapeutic Coaches help prompt, cue, model and teach behaviours that help increase engagement, build structure and maintain healthy relationships.

What is a Parent Link Centre?

Operating in Calgary and Strathmore, Aspen’s three Hand-in-Hand Parent Link Centres provide a safe and supportive environment for families with children aged 0 to 6 to access and explore child development programs, parent education opportunities and valuable community resources. All programming is provided at no cost to the family, removing any socioeconomic barriers. Designed to meet the specific needs of the communities the Parent Link Centres serve, each centre also offers an array of community-specific programs such as clothing exchanges, nutrition programs, and opportunities for children to connect and learn through play.

Benefits of the Therapeutic Access Room

Here are some specific ways that this new space will benefit the community and the families accessing programming:

1. The room will be utilized as a teaching space for students in early childhood education. Students will be able to work with children in the space and have a supervisor observe behind the two-way mirror to guide their learning and practice;

2. Strathmore Children’s Services will have access to a space that represents a home-like environment for supervised visits. This is key in supporting parents to develop strong parenting skills;

3. Our Therapeutic Access room will be the first one of it’s kind in Strathmore and area. Located within Aspen Commons, it is an easily accessible space that all parents may access - Children’s Services involvement is not required;

4. This room will bring in revenue for additional parenting programs through a Fee for Service model as it will be used by other partner organizations delivering Therapeutic Access programming.

How You Can Help

Aspen is seeking $15,000 to support the cost of renovations, the installation of the two-way mirror, and for purchasing furniture, artwork, toys and books for the space.

For more information, or to get involved in supporting this project, please contact Ashlee Hamblin at 403.463.8936 or

Recognition Opportunities

Aspen looks forward to recognizing your support of this project in a way that is meaningful to you! Recognition opportunities could include:

  • Naming rights of the space for 5 years
  • Media pitch to announce your funding of the space
  • Blog post on Aspen's website with promoted social media
  • Invitation to attend the Grand Opening of the space on November 1
  • Invitation to attend Aspen's annual Hope Awards event in May 2020