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1000 Voices & Genesis Centre's

Building Community Campaign

Did you know that YOU can support Aspen’s 1000 Voices Program and the Genesis Centre this winter through the Building Community fundraising campaign?

From November 15th to December 30th we will be fundraising to help support the programming that takes place at the Genesis Centre and 1000 Voices. You can help give back to the organizations that give so much to the community!

No one can thrive in isolation.
For change to be sustainable, people need a community to go to for help, to provide connections and to offer opportunities to give back in ways that are meaningful and add purpose to life. At 1000 Voices and the Genesis Centre, we work closely with our agencies, to ensure people have access to the supports and resources they need, all while building vibrant, thriving, supportive communities.

1000 Voices

1000 Voices is a place to come together. It is a place to speak; a place to be heard; a place that will provide comfort and security; and a place to find support. Located inside the Genesis Centre in northeast Calgary, the 10,000-square-foot 1000 Voices space is home to more than 60 local service providers offering programs and support in areas such as employment training, settlement services for newcomers, and specialized programming for seniors and youth. Managed and operated by Aspen, the space also offers meeting, workshop, event and office space for the community.

Genesis Centre

Since Genesis opened the front doors in 2012, fulfilling the dream of a group of dedicated community visionaries who began work in 1994, it has welcomed Calgarians of every background, age, race, gender, colour and political stripe. The Genesis Centre feels strongly about working to make Northeast Calgary a better place to live, work and play.