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Aspen's Youth Driven Art Night

It takes a village to raise a child and a community to host an Art Night! The idea started when Aspen Staff began to question: What does a trauma informed space look like and how can we create this kind of space for our new group home? During these conversations, it was suggested by some of our youth that THEY create art for the group home, and the vision for Art Night began!

We learned that Michael’s Craft Store offers free studio space and with the help of our Aspen network, we had an artist facilitate the evening alongside staff.

The response from the community was astounding and youth from our Youth Works, Youth Matters, Youth Transitions to Adulthood and Group Care programs expressed interest in attending the event. When it was time to get settled in to start making artistic magic at Michael’s, the room was pleasantly filled (in spite of the snow outside) with youth from our programs and residents from 1000 Voices all coming together to create beautiful pieces. We plan to display the artwork in Aspen’s new group home and in other Aspen locations as well.

Art night was a great example of how our community comes together to problem solve, work together and remember how valuable creating safe spaces is. It is our hope that these paintings will inspire those in our programs and create trauma informed spaces where the individuals we work with feel supported, represented and heard.

Here’s to many more collaborations and ideas, Aspen!