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Aspen and the Calgary Young Offender Centre

Aspen's Element program provides youth with the supports and resources needed to attain their educational goals, build job skills and experience in the workforce and become financially empowered.

Many youth previously or currently involved with Children’s Services do not have the family networks or supports needed to get their foot in the door and launch their career. Through Element, youth receive support with high school completion, post-secondary enrollment, financial literacy training and job skills development.

The Element staff at Aspen have been collaborating with the Calgary Young Offender Center to deliver group programs focused on resume building, enhancing financial literacy and working one-on-one to enhance skills and foster confidence related to meaningful employment for over a year.

Aspen staff engage in conversations and coaching to help these young people positively re-frame their experiences and be able to confidently speak to their skills in a potential employment situation such as a resume or interview.

These employment preparation workshops provide an opportunity for youth to speak about their concerns around employability, which often includes self-perception, their confidence/skills and possible hesitations about returning to work after incarceration.

Young people frequently discuss what career opportunities may be available to them and the benefits of education, volunteerism and staying involved with their community. These discussions assist youth to look beyond their current situation to a more hopeful vision regarding their potential future opportunities.

Youth are encouraged to re-connect with Aspen’s Element program upon being released to support successful re-integration back into the community and decrease the likelihood of re-offending. We are proud to partner with the Calgary Young Offender Centre and help youth gain meaningful employment.