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1000 Voices Community Award


The 1000 Voices Community Award was created to recognize and honour a valued member of the North of McKnight community. At Aspen we value collaboration, diversity, partnership and empathy. We wanted to recognize an individual or community group that embraces these values in the work that they do.

The first recipient of the 1000 Voices Community Award is Rossbina Nathoo.

Aspen’s first connection with Rossbina was through FOCUS (Friendship* Opportunities* Community Involvement* Unity* Synergy) on Seniors which began in January 2007 at Village Square Leisure Centre, as a Grassroots initiative supporting older adults in NE Calgary. It operates as an informal volunteer driven group under the leadership of founder; Rossbina Nathoo. Rossbina recognized a need to support seniors in the community. She organized a lunch at Village Square where over 80 people showed up and discussed the needs.

Rossbina truly embodies community and collaboration. She is an advocate for the community and is determined to make sure that the community needs are being responded to and delivered on.

Rossbina makes a difference in the community through her FOCUS.






Aspen is grateful for the contributions that Rossbina has made at 1000 Voices and in the Northeast Community. We are honoured to present her with the first ever 1000 Voices Community Award.