Youth Matters

Youth Matters is designed to help youth and young adults make smart and informed decisions on issues such as family and peer relationships, employment, school and housing. Aspen team members provide opportunities for youth to connect with each other, adults, resources and their community. The program’s Headspace bus, which is equipped with books, games, laptops, music, art supplies, sports equipment and educational materials, travels to where youth naturally gather and offers programming that involves them directly.

Who is this program for?

Youth aged 13 to 21 years who are living in Calgary or attending school or programs in Calgary, as well as youth referred through other Aspen programs.

How do you access this program?

Referrals are accepted from many sources, including individuals, families, schools, community groups, service providers and probation officers. Contact Aspen’s Youth Matters Team Leader directly at 403-219-3477.

For more information: