Home Stay Prevention Program

The Home Stay Prevention Program works with families who are at imminent risk of homelessness to ensure they can stabilize and maintain housing. Families receive immediate and short-term interventions to support them in their current housing situations and to avoid the possibility of homelessness.

This program works closely with community resources to assist families in connecting to the appropriate supports. An assessment of the family's personal, social, physical, financial and human assets is done at the onset of the program and acts as a plan towards increasing their capacity to build self-sufficient futures.

Who is this program for?

Families housed but are at imminent risk of homelessness as a result of:

  1. a pending eviction due to rental and/or utility arrears
  2. inadequate shelter (e.g. unsafe and/or substandard, overcrowded housing)
  3. and/or a 'couchsurfing' situation that is considered a temporary and non-sustainable housing option

How do you access this program?

Families can be referred through any community-based resources.  Families can also self-refer to access supports.  The referral source is required to complete a referral form and submit to the program. Families are required to complete a screening process and meet specific program criteria. 

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